Tinox provide the only protection against ASF and bird flu on the water

Interview with Slavik Radanov, Sales Manager at Tinox Engineering

Tinox technology ensures clean water for agriculture, food industry, is successfully used even in hotel and residential complexes


  1. Radanov, what is the main activity of Tinox Engineering?


Tinox is the first company in Bulgaria which will offer to the market high-performance solutions for complete BIO PROTECTION of all types of waters for agriculture and food industry. The next decade will be devoted to technologies that provide bio protection for all products used by humans. Tinox looks forward to the future! That is why our primary goal is to focus our efforts on healthier families, to create the conditions for a sustainable and efficient business.

  1. What innovations related to water purification will you enter in Bulgaria?

We introduce complete bio protection, vitalization and structuring of all types of water through ADVA technology. In itself, it is low energy intensive. It is in sync with environmental organizations and their struggle to limit the spread of disease. In line with EU directives to restrict the use of antibiotics, it is also ecologically and biotechnologically oriented. Our technology works without filters and consumables. It is based entirely on electro physical processes that recurring the natural processes in nature. ADVA in one of the ancient languages means wave, movement, energy, life.


  1. What are the main threats related to water, we are facing today?

They are horrific! The water resources of the planet are limited. The amount of water on the planet cannot be reproduced. The population of the Earth is growing and the water resource is decreasing. The waters are polluted by the growing population and industrialization. The shortage of water is tangible. Over 2 billion people on the planet have no access to water.

On the other hand, diseases due to drinking, washing, bathing, cooking and use of polluted water. The polluted waters destroy the flora and fauna of the planet. The number of deaths in the world is growing every year. Diseases associated with water annually kill 200 million children and 170 million adults. None of us is insured that this will not happen to him or his relatives.


4 .What are the losses of the breeders from this?


For dead animals the statistics are in milliards. Accordingly, in milliards are the losses of the breeders!

By 2030 monitoring for water bioprotection will become mandatory in all spheres. Only in 2017 there were 17,000 deaths in Europe and 80,000 in Asia as a result of resistance to antibiotics. Pending introduction of limitations and in human medicine. I quoted you the statistics of deaths each year. But let’s not forget the number of reported diseases in the world, each year, also caused by diseases carried through water. 6 milliards cases of diarrhea, 5 milliard cases of acute poisoning, 3 milliard cases of chronic diseases, avian influenza and ASF. It is obvious that humanity needs to find a solution!

The Tinox Team offers a different solution. To not allows pathogens transmitted through water to humans and animals. Only in this way the need for using antibiotics will be avoided and in practice we will be able to comply with the European directives concerning animals and prevent people from deaths.


To what effects lead your technology for water purification?


The stages of processing in the various modules of the ADVA instalation are specific and consistent. The final result is vitalized and purified water. The water we get after our technology is pure H2O with crushed clusters – a huge amount of crushed water molecules to oxygen and hydrogen or hydrogen and hydroxyl ions. Becomes alkaline, with pH 9, antioxidant properties and improved quality indicators.

The most important thing, however, is that ADVA Instalations provides complete BIO water protection! Removes harmful chlorine, all heavy metals, nitrates, microorganisms and pathogens.  For living organisms, structured water is six times more absorbable because they very easily resorb water molecules of water ADVA. On daily intake of our structured water, the body is hydrated and restored at the cellular level. Alkalisation and the balanced PH of the body creates sustained immunity. In fact,



5.What is the focus of the technology you are using? Tell a little about the process itself?

The process itself is very complex and detailed. A special module from the installation, called a reactor, ionizes water and changes its properties and qualities by changing the macro structure of the water molecules. In the reactor, water is ionized and cavitated, which means losing or adding electrons and changing the angles between the atoms of the water molecules.


There the water becomes alkaline with the help of microprocessor electronics and software controlling process. PH, ORP and TDS are constantly automatically controlled in the alkaline water flow. The water becomes alkaline to pH 9.


It is important to mention that mineral nanoparticles and electrolytes are formed in the process itself. In this way, they are more easily absorbed by the cells, leading to better mineralization at the cellular level. This in turn turns all the minerals into the water (calcium, magnesium, potassium) into electrolytes. In this way, they are more easily absorbed by the cells, leading to better mineralization at the cellular level.

Through ionization and cavitation processes, the incoming water molecules are separated from large and irregular structures from 13 to 20 molecules and are restructured into groups of 6 molecules.

These groups are of smaller size and geometric shape because we have achieved the correct distribution of electrical potentials in water molecules.

Small clusters quickly and easily pass through cell membranes, which leads to better hydration at the cellular level and easily capture, download and release toxins from the body through sweat and urine.



  1. For whom your products are suitable for? In which field can be applied?

Tinox products can be applied in almost every field. They are particularly suited to the livestock and food industries, used in sports, medicine, hospitality and residential complexes. We have application in gyms, spa centers, swimming pools. It is important to mention that the technology can be applied in the treatment plants and is suitable for areas after disasters and accidents.

  1. Is it possible for your equipment to solve the problems with water in agriculture and the eradication of diseases coming from it?


Given that most farms are using water from old water boreholes and wells, the installation of ADVA Bio Protection ensures the removal of all pathogens and microorganisms from the water. As far as livestock farming the benefits are higher productivity and lower costs.Animals get a good health status, which in turn leads to less mortality, and the cost of feed and antibiotics falls. In dairy cows and sheep there is a significant increase in milk production. In poultry and livestock for meat, the fattening period is shortened. In laying hens, the percentage of eggs and the hatching rate in parent flocks is increased. There are a large number live births and weaned piglets in swine.  All breeding animals, a higher percentage of fertility and prolongation of the reproduction period were found. We guarantee livestock farmers higher economic efficiency – from 5 to 15% depending on the type of farm. To date, the team of Tinox Engineering is the only company in Bulgaria that provides enormous prevention against avian influenza in poultry and African swine fever. For your readers, I would like to emphasize this – these two diseases most often transmitted through groundwater.

How does this work? When a bird or a wild boar dies, they are usually torn by predators and parts of them are scattered over a vast territory. In case of rain or snowfall, the causative of bird flu and African swine fever fall into groundwater and contaminate them. Livestock sites use drilling water, ie groundwater. Therefore, the risk in a poultry farm or swine complex to get such contaminated water is very high. In Bulgaria, livestock farms around the Danube are particularly vulnerable in view of the outbreaks in Romania. But let’s not forget that the underground rivers sometimes cross the territory of several countries, so we do not know the water on the farms where they go, and under what countries, towns, villages and fields passes. I would like to recall that, according to the official Romanian authorities, ASF has entered the country’s largest pig farm through the water.


What are the solutions to plant growing?


In this direction, ADVA bioprotection installation are an invaluable guard against all pathogens that can infest the crops through the water. They will increase the yields of your produce because they structure the water and make it times more absorbable bu plants.  One of the undisputed benefits is the increase in the yield of vegetables. Organic, organic production is being created. ADVA Instalations is the only solution for bio production, and reducing or totally eliminating the cost of drugs against diseases of vegetables. Installations will allow you to increase the effect of manure or fertilizers when you dissolve them with water. This is due to the excellent solubility that structural water provides. In arable crops it is possible to rely on increased yield per hectare, as well as reduced consumption of herbicides and pesticides.

  1. Do you offer monitoring to track water quality to your customers?

Yes, absolutely! As an option the customer can choose, our technology allows intelligent integrated monitoring and quality control of your water. ADVA technology allows, when the software is connected to WI-FI, anywhere in the world, we monitor the water quality every second and, if necessary, let you know about problems that are not dependent on ADVA. Device software updates each year. Through it we introduce remotely all the novelties our department has improved.